stand down

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Chicago Stand Down is an event held each summer and winter as an intervention to bring homeless veterans together in a single location to access resources and supplies needed to begin rebuilding their lives.
Warwickshire's sports director Ashley Giles said: "Ian and I have spoken regularly throughout the season and he made the decision to stand down as skipper following our County Championship win over Middlesex two weeks ago.
The annual stand down is part of Balfour Beattys work to engage its workforce in its Zero Harm culture, to remind colleagues of the need to be constantly vigilant 24/7, and to keep people safe and free from ill-health all day every day.
In a brief statement issued to the Muscat Securities Market earlier this week, the firm's chief executive officer Dr Hans Erlings, said Muthukrishnan will stand down at the end of the month and that Sangam Bharti has been appointed as acting CFO until a new appointment is made.
The Stand Down is open to homeless and in-need veterans and their families.
If the members of the SFA or the board want me to stand down that is the way it will be.
AN MP suspended from the Labour Party after being charged with assault has said he will stand down from Parliament at the next general election, it was reported.
It has long been my intention to stand down on completion of the stadium build project.
com)-- On Monday, October 31st, 2011 Operation Stand Down, Inc.
Summary: US President Barack Obama has called on Ivory Coast incumbent Laurent Gbagbo to stand down immediately.
She said: "The Department is today announcing the decision to stand down the NPFS with effect from 1am on February 11.