stand facing

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And me and Cher stand facing. We stand a long while.
Cows and deer stand facing east if fair weather is coming, west if it's not.
Both men and women mentioned how they would either purposely stare at other elevator users to draw attention, or that one woman in particular would enter the elevator and stand facing the back, rather than the doors, which other users found disconcerting.
The main difference between the two golf titles is that, unlike in Kinect Sports, here you stand facing the screen rather than the more realistic side-on stance.
Our seats were situated behind the posts at the rear of the stand facing the back of the white screen.
Finally we decided he would take the higher stand facing downhill, I would take the lower stand facing uphill.
With pounds 100,000 being given for a new piece of public art in St Martin's Square, a campaign is growing to build a statue of Lady Emma Hamilton to stand facing in the direction of the statue of her famous lover Horatio Nelson.
That way you can stand facing the target and just tilt your head down to focus on the sights.
It was said that pupils had been told that in the event of an air raid they should stand facing the wall or crawl under their desks.
While I am not wishing something for myself, I stand facing the Gaza events and almost ask - had it not been for a bit of remaining faith - about divine justice.
It would be as humiliating as making them stand facing the corner in a pointy hat with a big D on it.
An incongruous pair of figurines stand facing each other in the exhibition, including a bronze Etruscan with a gilded baroque Jesus, a porcelain marquis with a wooden figure from Nigeria and Napoleon confronting a penguin.