stand firm

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My advice to any worker told they should take a pay freeze or a pay cut is to point to the bankers, stand firm and demand a fair deal.
Cabinet ministers have vowed to stand firm against "vested interests" pleading for special treatment in the upcoming round of public spending cuts.
However you decide to handle an impending labor situation, stand firm and don't back down until or unless a resolution occurs.
Ferguson may push to the wire, and Magnier may stand firm but, sooner or later, they'll settle out of court.
I knew that God wanted me to stand firm in what I believed in," she told WDLM, "but I also knew that He wanted me to carry myself in a gracious and dignified way.
But US President George W Bush yesterday vowed to stand firm.
The court's decision to stand firm on shaky decks will allow other courts to enforce the plain meaning of insurance contracts in other contexts.
THE BBC must stand firm against New Labour's ``bul lying'' says Alex Salmond, theScot ti sh Nationalist leader.
The union offers such "sweet talk" as part of its "divide and conquer" approach to the buildings, 'Berg says, adding that the more buildings that sign the "you too" agreements, the less favorable terms for the employers the RAB is able to procure at the bargaining table for all its members, including those who stand firm and weather the strike.
whipped cream), which need to flow easily during application and stand firm afterwards.
But by the end, Edgar and his novel both stand firm.