stand firm

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In this regard our Prime Minister put forth that there is no ambiguity, no difference of the opinions that both countries may stand firm in combating terrorism in all its forms and its manifestations," Gokhale added.
Mr Varadkar warned: "I am also prepared to stand firm if the offer falls short.
BLISSETT Dennis Thank you for everything XX Celia BOWEN Leighton Happy Dads day from your little Pud xxxx BRIDGEMAN Grant Happy Father's Day Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong New Hope CC BROWN Andrew Happy Fathers Day Stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong New Hope CC BROWN Colin Happy Fathers Day Grandad Love you millions.
He called for political blocs and government authorities to stand firm against such practices and conduct effective performing procedures to bring security and stability, praising the courage of the governor of Basra on the dismissing of the police chief on the wake of security breaches in the province.
What I want is for the First Minister and all MSPs to say "no"' to the kind of language used by the Cardinal and others when discussing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues - and to stand firm with Stonewall and call it what it is.
My advice to any worker told they should take a pay freeze or a pay cut is to point to the bankers, stand firm and demand a fair deal.
Cabinet ministers have vowed to stand firm against "vested interests" pleading for special treatment in the upcoming round of public spending cuts.
Young people should not be afraid and they should stand firm in defense of their positions.
Even worse, I think, is how it pits brother against brother, as one Christian believes we must stand firm, while another thinks we must "turn the other cheek," and yet another thinks that, in the name of tolerance, we should never speak the truth lest it offend someone
The FAW should stand firm on their opposition to Team GB.
ENGLAND our Island home There's not many here who want to roam What has happened to us all That we would let old England fall Fall below the standards of other lands Our England was once so very grand So come on folk, let's all take a stand To work and strive for this our land Where all are free, free to heckle, free to tease And free to get just where we please Let England make a great comeback Stand firm and tall to fly our "Jack".