stand firm

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Greg Knight, of Jennings Racing, urges his fellow bookmakers to stand firm over the data licence issue
"There is a united view across all parties in the Dail, both in the Government and Opposition parties, that this is an issue that we must stand firm. Enda Kenny did so on Friday night.
BROADCAST: Osama bin Laden urged Iraqis to stand firm against attack
The House of Lords is expected to stand firm and vote to knock theNorth West off the list of regions where traditional polllingbooths will be scrapped on June 10.
The bishops of the world had been asked by the Holy Father, through the Secretary of State, to stand firm on the doctrine of the encyclical and to "explain and justify the reason for it." Bishop Carter did not accept this mandate.
I AM not a firefighter but I will stand firm alongside them in their claim for what they are worth.
The event, organised by justice and peace group Afri, called on the Government to stand firm in negotiations for an international ban on cluster bombs at a Dublin diplomatic conference on cluster munitions in May.
CHARLTON have vowed to stand firm as the build up to today's FA Cup third round clash at Gillingham was marred by a row over supporter recruitment.
I am asking our Catholic brothers to make the necessary sacrifice to stand firm in their conviction.
Powell read a statement by President George Bush which promised that America would always stand firm for the nonnegotiable demands of human dignity and the rule of law.
Green space is being hungrily eaten up, and if the people of Liverpool don't stand firm they will wake up one day to find there aren't any parks left and nowhere for children to play and exercise!
TONY Blair last night said the deaths of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan showed Britain needed to stand firm in the face of terror.