stand off

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"But look here," he went on, "here's what I want to know, Barbecue: how long are we a-going to stand off and on like a blessed bumboat?
Help this rascal to set up the coach," sai the hobgoblin to me; then, with a terrific screech at three countrymen at a distance, "Here, you fellows, ain't you ashamed to stand off when a poor woman is in distress?"
You stand off three or four steps, with some broad wooden disks before you on the deck, and these you send forward with a vigorous thrust of a long crutch.
He urged Governor Granton Samboja to convene a meeting to resolve the stand off.
Wasps have also signed All Black stand off Lima Sopoaga for next season as their first choice number 10 meaning Cipriani is likely to be off at the end of the season.