stand opposite

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(midway between the eyebrows) of the figure which is on your left as you stand opposite to the fireplace, then press the head inwards as if you were pushing it against the wall behind.
Elizabeth made no answer, and took her place in the set, amazed at the dignity to which she was arrived in being allowed to stand opposite to Mr.
People that dance only stand opposite each other in a long room for half an hour."
In tehsil Jaranwala, Old Tanga Stand opposite MC office Jaranwala, Slaughter House Jaranwala, Slaughter House Khurrianala Chowk, Veterinary Hospital Khurrianwala.
While Guia said he has 'no objection' on the criteria and formula used in ranking parties on their dominance, he asserted 'the Dominant Minority Party should logically come from the minority,' which is a group 'that stand opposite the majority.'
To read a book we had to stand opposite its place on the bookshelf and read it standing there without moving - we were not allowed to sit, let alone take the book away with us.
They then go to the bkoncepts stand opposite the Mold Road Stand where talking to camera they tell viewers of their plans to take a football onto the pitch for a future video.
Hall Of Fame told the fascinating story of New St James' Hall which used to stand opposite St James' Park, and Byker To Broadway recalled the life and times of Seaman Tommy Watson from Byker who sailed the Atlantic to fight for a world title.
Then, shortly before the kick-off of Tranmere's League Two encounter with Stevenage, King and his family watched from the Main Stand as fans in the Johnny King Stand opposite raised cards above their heads to reveal a mosaic bearing King's initials.
Red Rover (also known as British Bulldog) - Two groups of children form a chain and stand opposite each other, a few metres apart.
IF betting is anything to go by, cruiserweights Nathan Cleverly (1-100) and Tony Bellew (1-16) will stand opposite two tomato cans at Liverpool's Echo Arena tonight.
"Once in a while you stand opposite a girl who can do everything better, faster, higher, and more graceful."--@carostal