stand opposite

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Hall Of Fame told the fascinating story of New St James' Hall which used to stand opposite St James' Park, and Byker To Broadway recalled the life and times of Seaman Tommy Watson from Byker who sailed the Atlantic to fight for a world title.
All arrangements for the vigil were done according to the law, the police were consulted and advised us that it would be better to stand opposite the BPAS centre.
Once in a while you stand opposite a girl who can do everything better, faster, higher, and more graceful.
15 and will begin at the entrance to the Petch Stand opposite the weighing room.
It says its intention is to create a flagship shop that is "on a par with our central London shops" and will stand opposite another flagship, John Lewis, which helped transform central Cardiff.
He wants to set up his bratwurst stand opposite Boots on Victoria Lane and outside W H Smith on King Street.
The source said: "Eight of the guys stand opposite each other and hold their ceremonial swords for the couple to walk through as they leave the church.
Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Iraqi and Iranian forces now stand opposite each other near al-Fekka oil well.
The man jumped from the stand opposite the media box and approached Federer, touching him with the flag.
A new stand opposite the main structure was half-built, with cranes towering over the pitch.
The bust, by artist Margarita Hernandez, will stand opposite one of Sir Winston Churchill.
If the council were to install mini-cameras or have the traffic wardens stand opposite these junctions during the peak time periods and impose automatic fines by taking a photo of the action exposing the number plate, these fines could be put to good use by repairing the roads in that area.