stand the strain

See: bear, tolerate
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When three weeks had gone by without the pass list appearing Anne began to feel that she really couldn't stand the strain much longer.
Could your weak sinews stand the strain of an office in the shire?
My brain and will and endurance were pitted against theirs, and the problem was which could stand the strain of imminent death the longer and not give in.
At last, after what seemed centuries, unable longer to stand the strain, I looked around.
Sie mu"ssen so freundlich sein, und verzeih mich die interlarding von ein oder zwei Englischer Worte, hie und da, denn ich finde dass die deutsche is not a very copious language, and so when you've really got anything to say, you've got to draw on a language that can stand the strain.
Even though its roots held, it could not stand the strain for long.
With the exception of Turkey, these are poor countries, and their economies and social welfare systems cannot stand the strain.
Making an order to keep McEwan away from young boys in the future, the judge told him: "This came to light when your victim could no longer stand the strain of living with what happened to him.
I'm not sure Alec Hardy's new pacemaker will be able to stand the strain.
I'm not sure Alec Hardy's new pace-maker will be able to stand the strain.
Berry Nieuwenhuys was hailed as a 'Gem from South Africa' by the Evening Express who quickly micknamed him 'Nivvy' - 'the typewriter won't stand the strain of spelling his name in full,' they explained.
I for one think enough it enough - the British economy can no longer stand the strain of paying for too many people not prepared to help themselves.