stand the test

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But, of course, it may not stand the test of practice.
Another time, when Ernest had just said that the metaphysical philosophers could never stand the test of truth, Dr.
The neighbours, very naturally, declined to believe his story, and tried me several times with all the bad money they could collect together, but I never failed to stand the test triumphantly.
It had been a frosty morning, to be sure, a sharp frost, which hardly one woman in a thousand could stand the test of.
Is she kept in the neighbourhood to assert her own identity, and to stand the test of further proceedings?
Contract award notice: Installation of pneumatic stand the test of large aircraft structures in the Communication Equipment Factory "PZL-Swidnik" SA in Swidnik.
After all, it's no secret that for every era of gaming there have been quality titles that will always stand the test of time.
The leading men deliver electric performances in a movie which is sure to stand the test of time.
We trusted that MKDA would optimize the space while also giving us a clean design that would stand the test of time," says Sheldon Brody, CEO of Marcraft Apparel Group.
We need to keep with traditional buildings that are practical and stand the test of time.
Those that come from days gone by most certainly stand the test of time, however, and resonate well.