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The LifeFX Stand-Ins and player are free for download beginning Dec.
LifeFX Stand-Ins (TM) will be used by Web businesses as life-like customer-service and sales representatives, guides, teachers and entertainers, while consumer applications will include e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms.
Kodak is excited about the potential that LifeFX's Stand-In technology represents," said Kent McNeley, Chief Marketing Officer, Consumer Imaging, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company.
We believe LifeFX Stand-In technology can help web sites reduce costs and increase sales by offering better online customer service, attract more visitors and decrease shopping cart abandonment," said Michael Rosenblatt, Chairman and Co-President of LifeFX.
There were a few children who milled about in awe as the Santa stand-ins got together for the first July picnic of the Amalgamated Order of Real Santas, which they expect to make an annual event.
The sides meet in a 25th anniversary friendly on Tuesday, and Jensen said: "It is the biggest fairytale, given the size of our country and player pool - and with just a week's notice to play [as last-gasp stand-ins for Yugoslavia].
Which is more than Roth has ever done for any of his creations, save for the ones who were blunt stand-ins for the author himself, and which leaves McGregor facing a chasm he never really manages to bridge.
This is Jackson's first year at school, and the officers wanted to serve as stand-ins for the little boy's father, who could not be there to put his son's mind at ease.
On Radio 2 this August bank holiday, the majority of the regular daytime presenters are off, so licence-fee payers are left with stand-ins or a recorded show.
The actualist should not (as commonly believed) require stand-ins for every Lewisian individual.
Not an easy example to follow even if the basic idea is good, and pupils offer their pets as stand-ins.
And the birds struck closer to the target center on the plain bug stand-ins than on the iridescent ones, Pike reports in April's Biology Letters.