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LifeFX Stand-Ins (TM) will be used by Web businesses as life-like customer-service and sales representatives, guides, teachers and entertainers, while consumer applications will include e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms.
In December 2000, LifeFX launched its first consumer application using LifeFX Stand-In (TM) Technology, called LifeFX Facemail(TM).
IBM receives two LifeFX Stand-In (TM) virtual people, which will be incorporated into existing e-business applications.
Users of Facemail can make Stand-Ins speak and use various facial expressions by typing in text and familiar emoticons; e.
Currently the Stand-Ins use text-to-speech voices but beginning in Q2 of 2001, the company expects users will be able to record their own voice to be used with stock Stand-In digital people.
Originally, the idea of using CGI and stand-ins sounded appealing in order to still have a sense of Hoffman as Plutarch in the two remaining scenes.
SEAL OF APPROVAL Strachan gives his stand-ins such as Martin, Bannan and Conway (below left) a thumbs-up for their fine display on Friday night
It rallied to 800,000 last April under stand-ins Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb.
The team determined that potatoes were ideal stand-ins for passengers, given their similar physical interactions with electronic signal properties.
Collecting stories of replicas, facsimiles, stand-ins and substitutes, Story Map is a 12 hour performance that asks if we have to fake the world in order to understand it.
Gilliam hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger).
The director had to hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger.