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Originally, the idea of using CGI and stand-ins sounded appealing in order to still have a sense of Hoffman as Plutarch in the two remaining scenes.
The former child star, who reinvented herself as a pop act, is to be a stand-in for the station's Dermot O'Leary.
SEAL OF APPROVAL Strachan gives his stand-ins such as Martin, Bannan and Conway (below left) a thumbs-up for their fine display on Friday night
The test data was then validated on the ground with human stand-ins for passengers.
(Gilliam hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger).
The director had to hastily cast Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as stand-ins for Ledger.
Don't forget these stand-ins scored six at Anfield last season, and the pace and movement of the team as a unit is breathtaking.
When Dutch photographer Frans Lanting decided he wanted to paint a portrait of the Earth's evolution, he recognized that unless he could find a way to bend time, he'd have to settle for a few stand-ins. And so he found himself in many of America's national parks, where time seems to stand still.
Ashworth scored 12 points for Sheffield at the same track last month to help the Tigers to a shock away victory, so it is no surprise he was top of team manager George English's list of stand-ins.
Both sides were far from full strength due to injuries and Grand Prix commitments, but the Hammers collected many more points from their stand-ins, with veterans Joe Screen and Chris Louis both in good form.
The stand-ins performed admirably in Tuesday's League Cup defeat to Barnsley, but manager Dave Penney will still ring the changes in Lancashire.
It's incredible in this day and age of modern soaps to think that some actors could not perform on the two days of the performance so had to be replaced by stand-ins. Imagine that in EastEnders or Corrie!