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A couple of the plots are a little under-nourished (notably the movie stand-ins and the newlyweds) but it seems almost churlish to quibble with something as deliriously, gorgeously romantic as Love Actually.
The existence of Kim's stand-ins has been reported in the last few years in the South Korean media, based on the stories of North Korean defectors.
A look at the darker side of the golden pre-World War II Hollywood era, "Stand-Ins" is a fairly engaging drama set in the less-than-glamorous world of stand-in actresses desperate to hit the big time.
The can become important civic leaders today -- not just speech writers or stand-ins for the CEO -- but influential in their own right.
Zip Coon and Jim Crow, stock figures in most minstrel shows, acted as stand-ins for the country lad and the city boy in older comedies.
To prove her point, Kavovit noted Stand-Ins recent installation of Ralph Lauren's new offices on 55th Street, and the work she is currently doing at an Upper West Side sewer treatment plant, where Stand-Ins is putting in new ceilings under a state contract.
Marines or their stand-ins wearing United Nations helmets or Organization of American States arm bands - who has the right to claim to be exercising judgment superior to theirs?
You can use them in a vase or transplanted into a pot as stand-ins when the parent plants need a few months in brighter light.
The sums were paid out by the Department of Education to stand-ins for full-time teachers at primary, secondary, vocational, community and comprehensive schools.
Familiar fare, but there are cracking moments, especially when a ragtag band of hired 'best friend' stand-ins interact with the bride's family.
A minimum of five genetic alterations are needed to make the bird flu into a virus that can infect ferrets--lab stand-ins for people--through the air, report Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and colleagues in the April 10 Cell.
Experiments with laboratory rats, stand-ins for humans in such early tests, showed that the carrier delivered aspirin to areas of blood vessels where clots were forming.