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The test data was then validated on the ground with human stand-ins for passengers.
This means Lara Croft is now officially recognised as the "Most Successful Video Game Heroine," "Most Recognisable Female Character in a Video Game" and "Most Detailed Video Game Character" while Tomb Raider set new records as "Highest Grossing Computer Game Spin Off", "Most Successful Live-Action Transfer" and "Most Official Real Life Stand-Ins in a Video Game".
No scenes were shot there for the latest story in the series, The Prisoner of Azkhaban, screened at cinemas around the country from next week but the film's release is being marked on Monday when the castle hosts a Madness and Magic Day, with stand-ins for some film characters.
AS England rugby fans face up to a Six Nations campaign without hero fly-half Jonny Wilkinson, IG are betting on how his stand-in - or stand-ins - will perform.
Movie stand-ins John (Martin Freeman) and Judy (Joanna Page) nervously make a dinner date while simulating sex in front of an attentive crew.
He follows Anne Robinson, John Sergeant and Paul Merton as stand-ins before a permanent host is found following the axing of Angus Deayton.
Theresienstadt - Terezin), for which Sebald or one of his stand-ins is the mournful archaeologist, supplying not just minute descriptions but old photographs and illustrations to document the vanished past and the miserable, amnesiac present.
With Ian Harvey on duty for the Australians in Cardiff and Mike Smith and Jon Lewis both injured, Gloucestershire's resources were stretched to the limit - but their stand-ins made the most of the home side's careless batting.
Or are the three men stand-ins who, somehow, just fade away as God appears in their place before Abraham?
In a strange way - and one starkly at odds with the early media narrative of Klebold and Harris as isolated, inhuman killing machines - the pair almost emerged from the coverage as high school everymen, stand-ins for every bad memory of adolescent injury in a school setting.
The existence of Kim's stand-ins has been reported in the last few years in the South Korean media, based on the stories of North Korean defectors.
The can become important civic leaders today -- not just speech writers or stand-ins for the CEO -- but influential in their own right.