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STANDARD, in war. An ensign or flag used in war.

STANDARD, measure. A weight or measure of certain dimensions, to which all other weights and measures must correspond; as, a standard bushel. Also the quality of certain metals, to which all others of the same kind ought to be made to conform; as, standard gold, standard silver. Vide Dollar; Eagle; Money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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linear regression, logistic regression, and analysis of variance) do not properly account for the nested structure of such data, and can yield biased parameter estimates, and incorrect standard errors (Bryk & Raudenbush, 2001).
The mean score for this statement is 3.58, standard error 0.14 and standard deviation is 1.447.
In Figure 3 linear relationship with variance 1x10-4 and standard error is about 0.01.
This data set resulted in a model that provided a standard error of only 4.3 [cm.sup.3]/100 g, as shown in figure 6.
Estimates of the standard error are 0.149 under SRS, 0.167 under GVF, and 0.168 when replicate weights are used.
Two alternative approaches were taken to estimating the standard errors of the coefficients in the specified model.
Panel D of the figure shows the standard error of the estimated components, where the standard error is computed by estimating the standard deviation of the first term on the right-hand side of (1.6) using the estimated parameters of the AR model.
2) corresponds to a rational function regression (1), with a standard error of S=11.887 and a correlation of r=0.9966:
In replicated yield trials, without imazamox applications in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in 2001 to 2004 (total of 85 environments) Idaho 587 had a grain yield of 6.7 Mg [ha.sup.-1], compared with 6.7 Mg [ha.sup.-1] for Stephens, 6.6 Mg [ha.sup.-1] for Brundage 96, and 6.6 Mg [ha.sup.-1] for Madsen (standard error 0.3 Mg [ha.sup.-1]).
The standard error of the mean for the pretest social responsibility data was SE = .0658.
The value of 'twice the standard error of the measure of the Australian Statistician's estimate of the net undercount for that Territory at the last Census' (8) is obtained.

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