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noun archetype, basis of comparison, canon, comparison, criterion, example, exemplar, frame of reference, gauge, grade of excellence, guide, ideal, level of excellence, measure, model, norm, norma, paradigm, paragon, pattern, precedent, prototype, regula, touchstone
Associated concepts: standard established by law, standard of care, standard of conduct, standard of proof
See also: broad, bylaw, canon, code, constant, conventional, cornerstone, criterion, customary, decorum, designation, epitome, example, exemplar, familiar, general, guide, habitual, household, law, mediocre, model, mundane, norm, normal, ordinary, paradigm, paragon, pattern, popular, precedent, prevalent, principle, pro forma, prototype, rate, regular, repeated, representative, routine, rule, stare decisis, symbol, typical, uniform, usual

STANDARD, in war. An ensign or flag used in war.

STANDARD, measure. A weight or measure of certain dimensions, to which all other weights and measures must correspond; as, a standard bushel. Also the quality of certain metals, to which all others of the same kind ought to be made to conform; as, standard gold, standard silver. Vide Dollar; Eagle; Money.

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MTPL: Mean time of paw licking, SEM: Standard error of mean Table 2: Paw licking response in mice-late phase (20-40 min) Group Drug given Dose MTPL (s) Percentage (mg/kg) mean [+ or -] SEM protection A Distilled 1 249.
SEM: Standard error of mean, MT: Mammary tumor, GE: Ginger extract, CE: Cinnamon extract, GPT: Glutamate pyruvate transaminase, GOT: Glutamate oxalacetate transaminase, C: Control Table 3: Serum changes in oxidative stress and antioxidants biomarkers in mammary gland tumors and protection by ginger and cinnamon extracts in Wistar rats Group MDA CAT (nmol/g tissue) (U/g tissue) C 5.

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