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Using the HL7 to NCPDP standard mapping implementation, The Cleveland Clinic Health System's Clinical Integration Team is now distributing e-Prescribing orders to three pharmacy network providers, during the HIMSS & NCPDP conferences.
Standard mapping features such as driving directions and zoom in and out functions are also included.
It provides high quality, accepted industry standard mapping data and the ability to exchange spatial information seamlessly across product suites, and integrates the expertise of ESRI with the technology strengths of SIS.
Data security and protection is provided through standard mapping, masking and zoning mechanisms to secure host access all within the confines of MCI's Smart Centers.
Our standard mapping and visualization customers now have another cost- effective option to purchase this value-priced orthorectified product instead of costlier data that may exceed their basic project needs," said Gene Colabatistto, president of Space Imaging, Solutions.

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