standard of comparison

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"A man like the Prince makes one think, because, you see, every standard of life we have is a standard of comparison. When one sees the sort of man he is, one wonders.
Snagsby's entertainments, and acknowledges no responsibility as to what she thinks fit to provide for dinner, insomuch that she is the high standard of comparison among the neighbouring wives a long way down Chancery Lane on both sides, and even out in Holborn, who in any domestic passages of arms habitually call upon their husbands to look at the difference between their
But Lydgate had not been long in the town before there were particulars enough reported of him to breed much more specific expectations and to intensify differences into partisanship; some of the particulars being of that impressive order of which the significance is entirely hidden, like a statistical amount without a standard of comparison, but with a note of exclamation at the end.
The question of equality cannot be answered until a standard of comparison is stipulated.
solely as a means of establishing a standard of comparison to be utilized for solicitation
In effect, they have compiled a database of atomic fingerprints that provide a standard of comparison for sulfur-containing samples collected by NASA's Curiosity rover and future Mars missions.
"The GiveDirectly team is outstanding, and their tool--unrestricted cash transfers--has the potential to become a new standard of comparison for efforts to help the global poor."
His standard of comparison is similar Gorman officer education institutions of the period.
Adjuncts give information about place, time, manner, and intermediary (=instrument, material, comitative, standard of comparison, etc.).
It was not a genocide if your standard of comparison is what happened to the European Jews, but diaspora Armenians will find it very hard to give up their claim that it was.
a) Adj/Adv-COMP than Adjs.POS (syndetic construction, where the standard of comparison is in the positive degree): hullem kui hull [bad-COMP than bad.POS] 'very very bad', cf.
Each programme is endowed with so-called 'ECTS' credits--under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System--providing a standard of comparison and performance across Europe.

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