standard of value

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It's not a question of fossil fuel usage being good or bad--it's a question of what standard of value we are using to judge it.
In the market for a standard of value, the dollar and euro still have the most market share.
The laws of each state dictate which standard of value is to be used in that particular state.
The Statement notes that "The valuation process starts with an understanding of the purpose for the valuation and the standard of value to use.
The purpose of the business appraisal will determine the standard of value to be used and the standard of value will define the value conclusion.
The text includes case-by-case reasoning behind appraisal-related decisions, and state-by-state analyses that provide a clearer idea of how a state's established case law may give insight on the standard of value.
How can Mexico best achieve a stable standard of value an, hence, sound money?

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