standard practice

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With the Grease Thief sampling kits, users can develop sampling procedures consistent with the guidance in the ASTM standard practice, and ensure reliable, trendable analysis.
Some of the efforts completed this year have resulted in changes to SNL/NM's standard practices.
It is BIBR's standard practice to review major editorial changes with our writers in advance of publication, but occasionally close press deadlines make it impossible to review last minute changes, and cuts for fit, with our contributors.
In effect, finns investing with their Nafta partners don't have to do what is standard practice in the United States--that is, invest time on the ground to insure local support.
Her work on this task force paved the way for initiatives that eventually became standard practice in the IRS's Coordinated Examination Program.
Basic screening of all potential workers be a required standard practice.
In fact it had been very much standard practice for several centuries.
March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pratt & Whitney Fuels Technology Manager Tedd Biddle was awarded the ASTM International Committee D02 Petroleum Products and Lubricants Award of Excellence for leading an industry group that developed a new global standard practice for the qualification and approval of new fuels for use in commercial and military aviation gas turbine engines.
For structural engineers like myself, it is already standard practice, for example, to require the use of post-industrial materials.
But she said there are good write-ups and bad write-ups, and that inflated billing was standard practice at Fleishman-Hillard when she arrived in September 2002.
The standard practice of treating them as the same disease could explain why some people with colon cancer respond better to certain treatments than others do, says Sanne H.