standard practice

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The judge said she didn't want medics to 'get into trouble for accepting standard practices' which 'exposed them to criminal proceedings' and 'wasted their energy'.
"In fact, it's now standard practice to have omnichannel...
A spokesman for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) refused to comment on the incident but added: "Testing is standard practice in all major security operations.
Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Clegg said his department was following standard practice across Whitehall.
Beginning with the McLaughlin Group in the early 1980s, guest interruption quickly became standard practice. The guest's survival came to depend on mastery of the one-liner.
The most valuable thing is that the investigators describe an addition to their standard practice that made it possible to provide better care.
THE head of the research unit at the centre of the "Climategate" row over global warming science admitted to MPs yesterday he had not released data about his work because it was not standard practice to do so.
In the standard practice group, if anaesthesia was judged inadequate the propofol concentration was increased in steps of 1 mg/kg/hour as necessary.
* Standard Practice: A definitive set of instructions for performing one or more specific operations that does not produce a test result.
When reporters would raise "regime change," it was standard practice for Bush Administration officials to say their goal was "behavior change, not regime change"--that is, they wanted to see Iranian policies changed.
2 : regularly and widely used <It's a standard practice in the trade.> <The script is standard.
Rupturing the membranes is thought to release chemicals and hormones that stimulate contractions, and it has been a standard practice in the U.S.

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