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The effect modification pattern of the standardized mortality rate indicates a steeper slope for higher ratios, except for the range of the pollutant from about 20 to 50 [micro]g/[m.
Standardized mortality rates of respiratory illnesses for the selected set of diagnoses for the population 60 years of age and older increased in 1980-1998 (before influenza vaccination) in Sao Paulo, for both men and women (Figure 1, Table 1), with distinct magnitudes according to age group (Figure 2).
By 2010, Russia's standardized mortality rates were well over twice as high as the corresponding levels for Western European countries ("old" EU).
17 * Calculated using standardized mortality rates for all years of the study period.
Standardized mortality rates per 100 000 inhabitants from cardiovascular diseases according to regions, age strata, and gender and the average annual percent change, Brazil, 1980 and 2003 Cardiovascular diseases (total) Strata 1980 2003 AAPC (a,b) Region North 223.

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