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Standardizing for clinical activity, and taking a weighted average of the results, "A" receives 36 percent, "B" receives 34 percent and "C" receives 30 percent of the bonus pool.
To see the effect of standardizing, look at the comparison between Richard M.
In addition, CDW-G loads Hobart and William Smith's image - including Symantec and Microsoft software - onto each machine, standardizing and accelerating the network registration process.
They can help maximize patient satisfaction, while controlling spending and standardizing and improving the quality of care delivered.
Entergy recently went into full production on the latest enterprise asset management (EAM) software from Indus, implementing a single Indus supply chain solution across their regulated utility business and standardizing and upgrading the work management systems in their Southern Nuclear stations.
All of these independent decisions made by autonomous operating departments lead to a polyglot of data definitions for key clinical concepts and later to difficulty in standardizing clinical nomenclatures to define the findings and treatments for patients.