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Standardness and Nonstandardness in Spain: Dialect Attrition and Revitalization of Regional Dialects of Spanish.
Such behaviour, for the author is a clear testimony of double standardness inherent in some "white" South Africa; even they claim to be Africans of equal status as indigenous Africans.
Standardness and Non-standardness in Spain: Dialect Attrition and Revitalisation of Regional Dialects of Spanish.
A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Discourse Coherence: From Standardness to Creativity
They tasked three blind raters, each unfamiliar with the study outcomes, to rate the 40 studies in their database (from which all results had been erased), according to a 7-point standardness scale (where 7 indicated the greatest conformity to PRL protocols, and 1 indicated the least).
b) The standardness of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] depends on V([mu] + [epsilon]).
70) Specific computer programs and commercial software suppliers used for the analysis are mentioned as well, (71) to verify the standardness of procedures and to allow reexamination of the data and analysis.
Email is arguably the most heterogeneous type of use, with a wide variety of functions and forms, depending extremely on the personal circumstances of use with respect to the amount of editing and standardness of language usage.
Chapter Five deals extensively with the question of standardness.
This is a long arduous process of approximating the world of legal and official standardness to that lived on a daily basis, and means going beyond the frontier experiences of inequality such as do you know who you're talking to.
What is important is just that congruence of norm, ethos, or attitude will tend to mutual standardness, and that as long as one grasps the norrn, ethos, attitude, or whatever, of the other their action will be intelligible, even if unwelcome.