standards of conduct

See: ethics
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She did learn them, in part, and by degrees, and the constant fitting of herself to these new and difficult standards of conduct seemed to make her older than ever for her years.
With a rating of 89 out of 100, we continue to show the high standards of conduct and integrity we hold ourselves to across the public sector when compared to other countries around the world.
A report on Miss Brown's conduct compiled by the Assembly's Commissioner for Standards was considered by its Standards of Conduct Committee on November 28.
Will there be room at this inn for ordinary folk or will their standards of conduct fall short, I wonder?
Now we have the major embarrassment of so many MPs from all parties who can't seem to behave the way most of us would expect - and they want to waste time and money to come up with new standards of conduct.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Tuesday informed India that Pakistan Army is a professional military outfit and upholds highest standards of conduct thus allegations of mutilation are attempt to divert world attention from situation within the valley.
HCPC registrant, Council Chair and educator, Elaine Buckley, explains the process involved in revising our Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, and highlights their importance to health and care professionals.
Office of Government Ethics released The Standards of Conduct as Applied to Personal Social Media Use April 9.
To that end, the agency is asking investors for data and other information to assist it in considering whether to make new rules about the standards of conduct and regulatory obligations for broker-dealers and investment advisers when they provide personalized investment advice about securities to retail customers.
Corporate law is characterized by a pervasive divergence between standards of conduct and standards of review.
Norton Schwartz put his signature on the brand-new instruction, which communicates in one document the required standards of conduct, performance and discipline expected of every uniformed Airman.
IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman announced that, by the end of 2009, he will propose a comprehensive set of recommendations to help the IRS better leverage the tax return preparer community with the twin goals of increasing taxpayer compliance and ensuring uniform and high ethical standards of conduct for tax preparers.

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