standards of conduct

See: ethics
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Aunt Jane with her quiet voice, her understanding eyes, her ready excuses, in these first difficult weeks, when the impulsive little stranger was trying to settle down into the "brick house ways." She did learn them, in part, and by degrees, and the constant fitting of herself to these new and difficult standards of conduct seemed to make her older than ever for her years.
ENPNewswire-August 26, 2019--National Bank adheres to the LGBTI Global Standards of Conduct for Business
"No woman wants her or her baby to die, and now the HSE consent policy would underpin what our standards of conduct would say."
The Border Patrol chief has called the posts "completely inappropriate"."Any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable," Carla Provost said.
I know firsthand he comes from a caring family with the highest standards of conduct.
Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs released the following statement on the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) final rule and interpretations issued this week on the standards of conduct for investment advisers and broker-dealers.
Jenny Rathbone said the comments made in the video about Mrs Watson's physical appearance and "the implicit sexual innuendo were sexist and demeaning and fell below the standards of conduct required of members".
Lord Evans said: "High standards of conduct in local government are needed to demonstrate that those decisions are taken in the public interest and to maintain the public's confidence.
All persons, organizations and entities that attend AAAI conferences and events are subject to the standards of conduct set forth in this document.
She will lead the professional standard-setting body as it implements the new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for CFP professionals.
"Manchester expects much higher standards of conduct than this from private hire drivers and we hope that Rossendale council, who licensed Hasinyani, will now investigate the case and take appropriate action against him," said Coun Akbar.
"We are not here contesting the merits of the expulsion decision, but rather your organisation's blatant disregard of its own Standards of Conduct in, as well as its violations of the standards required by California Corporations Code," Braun wrote.

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