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For unrelated functional reasons, standbys are commonly classified by type depending on their function in the underlying transaction and other factors not necessarily related to the terms and conditions of the standby itself.
In the course of the discussions surrounding the formulation of the UN Convention on Independent Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit, it became apparent that there was a serious lack of understanding of standby practices and of the potential uses of standbys in many parts of the world.
This Vinca-developed protocol makes it possible to remove both IP and IPX from the dedicated link to eliminate access to the primary server through the standby machine.
OFFSite Archive buffers the data changes on the standby machine until the changes reach a pre-determined threshold.
StandbyServer Many-to-One uses a single standby machine to protect multiple primary servers.
Because StandbyServer Many-to-One is bridgeable and routeable, the standby machine and the other servers may be located in the same room, in separate buildings, or even in different cities to provide the added benefit of disaster recovery.
Working with your backup utility, SnapShotServer operates on the standby machine so backups can happen at anytime without affecting users.
0 for NetWare is completely bridgeable and routeable allowing any server on the network to be the standby machine.
This product also uses standard network cabling as the dedicated link between the main server and the standby machine.
Network managers can also monitor critical information during normal operation or during a switch over from the standby machine.
With this collaborative solution, network managers can monitor critical network information such as what is happening during the switchover from the primary to the standby machine, including the exact time of server failure and the steps taken to bring the standby machine on-line.