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The rating action for the series three 2008C bonds is taken in connection the May 27, 2009 substitution of the standby bond purchase agreement (Standby) provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia, acting through its New York Agency which provides liquidity for the series three 2008C bonds, with a Standby issued by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association.
When one server fails, StandbyServer allows the standby machine to immediately access the data and applications stored on a common disk sub-system such as a RAID device.
After the initial synchronization of the machines, snapshots of the data are continuously generated on the local standby or stand-alone machine and the changes are transmitted over the WAN to the remote server.
In addition, SnapShotServer is bundled with StandbyServer Many-to-One (MTO) allowing NetWare managers to use a single standby machine to backup all protected primary servers in an enterprise environment any time of day without affecting users or network performance.
In addition, the servers do not have to be identical and can be located in different cities and the standby machine can be used for other network services.
Entry Level StandbyServer is a local solution meaning the standby machine must be located in the same building or on the same network segment as the primary server.
0 for NetWare uses industry-standard network interface cards and cabling to mirror data to a standby machine over a dedicated link or over an existing network topology.
StandbyServer for NT is a real-time, transaction-based solution that mirrors data simultaneously to a standby machine via a dedicated industry standard link.