standing apart

See: distinct
References in classic literature ?
The man standing apart from the group bowed and smiled.
standing apart from the rest, and appealed to him personally.
The one exception was a sturdy white-headed boy, standing apart from all the rest on a stool in a corner--a forlorn little Crusoe, isolated in his own desert island of solitary penal disgrace.
Hours at a time, sitting by Nalasu or standing apart from him, he was taught to catch the slightest sounds or rustlings from the bush.
Tess was standing apart from the rest, near the gate.
Now that video art has evolved (or degenerated) to the point that it simulates the slickness of television or film, it's sometimes difficult to remember that video started out as an "alternative" medium--a means of creating art that would employ mass-media technology while standing apart from its machinations.
Communities such as Montrose and La Crescenta already have their own identity, standing apart from the sprawling Los Angeles Basin with tree-lined neighborhoods and gas-lighted shopping districts, and they should have their own deputy acting a local sheriff, Baca said in a telephone interview Thursday.
However, store construction maintained the strength shown in recent months, standing apart from the weakened status of the other commercial categories.
Standing apart from politics was SDS's great mistake.
In 4Q06, Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks received higher awareness than the company's closest competition as the brand most often identified as standing apart from the crowd.
OOOH, BABY: After standing apart from the health-food craze for years, Gerber Products Co.

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