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Police converge on Parliament Hill in Ottaw after a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial was shot and killed |
The bad blood between China and Japan saw thousands of police - many armed with shotguns - standing guard outside the Workers' Stadium.
Despite complex passwords, multiple user names and 16-digit account numbers supposedly standing guard over our financial records, high-tech identity theft is rampant.
The Lligwy region boasts a Neolithic burial chamber standing guard over Lligwy Bay and dating from the 3rd millennium BC.
In a game against the Chattanooga (TN) Railites in 1932, the Celtics encountered a standing guard who set up on his own foul line and never moved upcourt, not even when his team had the ball.
In a society where there are watchdogs standing guard over everything from telephones to policemen, it's high time that vulnerable little ones got a guardian angel.
Graced with 500-year-old ruins standing guard over pristine rainforest, Tikal boasts six large temples, including the famous Temple of the Jaguar.
The bait system is now back in monitoring mode and standing guard for other potential invaders.