standing order

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5 Get a list of standing orders and direct debits from your existing bank.
There are a number of standing orders which are for materials printed by a particular publisher, with the number of titles received varying from month to month.
In the previous quarter, from April to July 1, 3,174 orders were filled, 1,068 of which were under the standing order.
Mike Payne, of the GMB union, which represents Mr Davis and Mr Powell, said: "I think the news that the surveillance contracts were awarded in contravention of the council's standing orders vindicates the GMB's position of full support for our members who have been spied on."
The Ministry is aware there is wide variability in the use of standing orders across the country.
Current account holders are typically charged an additional pounds 25 to pounds 30 for standing orders or direct debits paid out while over their overdraft limits.
The crime was discovered after the standing order was debited from the victim's bank account.
ASK for a list of direct debits, standing order and bill payments from your existing account so you don't forget any.
He said most payers did not use standing orders. Those who do will have to pay the missing July instalment.
In hospitals choosing to implement standing orders for their nursing staffs to review indications for influenza vaccination and administer if indicated, 95.2% of patients were offered vaccination.
'The special committee shall investigate the proposed removal from office of the CECM and give effect to standing order 66 of the county assembly standing orders on the right to be heard and report to the House within 10 days of its appointment' read the motion.
'We, members of parliament from both sides have gathered this evening to file an immediate motion under Standing Order 18(1) to debate on a matter of the public's importance regarding the incident at a temple in Seafield.

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