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Among them was Nico Santucci, who was standing sentry outside his home in Lytle Creek with his young son by his side.
It takes a cataclysmic event for that philosophical conundrum to capture the imagination of the two young Imperial Guards standing sentry at the momentous unveiling of the Taj Mahal in 1648.
E[currency]ANLIURFA (CyHAN)- 21-year-old private soldier Emrah Ecakylly died accidently as a result of a friendly firing while he was joking with his fellow soldier who was standing sentry on the Syrian border with him in southern E[currency]anlyurfa province's Akcakale district.
The purpose of the training engagement was to help develop and enhance armed sentry skills as several service members from both countries are preparing to deploy for peace-keeping missions to specific regions in Western Africa where they will be standing sentry duties.