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Colleagues found LJ much too reserved and standoffish.
Since then, she's been a bit standoffish and we haven't seen each other outside of work.
This is highly perceived as the Indonesian president carrying a standoffish attitude towards the plight of the Kashmiris.
Sofia, best known to readers as the Blogtastic blogger, will be cut off from her computer during summer camp, but she jots journal entries in her "pre-blogging notebook." Sofia worries about being in a different cabin from Nona, but she makes friends with everyone in her cabin--with the exception of the standoffish Olivia.
Char Brown's husband, David, called Page 'very standoffish' and 'not real friendly'.
In contrast, standoffish fermions won't share a quantum state with even one other fermion.
Clue: Sleepers are friendly but standoffish. Over the sand and through the wind, to bin Shajea's compound we go; kidnappers are near, but our Jeep is strong ...
chairman Rupert Murdoch has finally embraced the Internet, after maintaining a distinctly standoffish approach until now, then a way to keep Booth within the company.
But Jacqueline Bouvier was this Frenchified whisper of a thing who was too delicate and standoffish to campaign with her Erin-go-bragh dream of a husband.
According to the 2015 documentary "Reinventing the Royals," which spoke to several royal correspondents during Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George's first major public engagement in Australis in 2014, the royal family-particularly the Duke of Cambridge-actual seemed very standoffish and less friendly than they'd been portrayed.
C: The hardest types are usually those who just don't want to have fun, don't want to take part, and are standoffish. It's tough to gauge an audience ...