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The Hollands seem to be in the middle of the other two breeds, not overly friendly but not standoffish either, curious but not under foot.
it's not that he didn't like them, but he was kind of shy and standoffish.
Outside the convention center, the last point for evacuations by helicopter to the airport and then to points unknown, the troops are a little more standoffish.
And while Jodie might at first be inclined to be standoffish, chances are that she will not be able to resist his romantic advances and could find herself becoming caught up in a complicated relationship all over again (The Two of Cups with The Knight of Pentacles).
Crumb and Norman Rockwell into popular lore and leave the admiring but standoffish contemporary art world in the dust.
Then Roland is blackmailed by a teacher into investigating a fellow student, a standoffish girl named Jess Ferret, and his whole life changes.
Yet he was a bit more standoffish about the Pick 'n Pay maneuver to lower its bag prices.
Anyone visiting Steve Mills might think him standoffish if judged by his isolated, lush executive office with its leather seats and a waiting room that's larger than most New York City apartments.
Her writing about women and the law is the most engaging and standoffish in the book.
That, coupled with the standoffish attitude toward the Apocalypse of Luther early in his career, and of Calvin throughout his life, made it necessary to justify a commentary on the text (and explains why there were relatively few).
The joint plant in the Netherlands with Volvo is scheduled to make 300,000 cars this year, but Volvo has also appeared standoffish.
The first few days some of the guys were a little standoffish," says Stephanie.