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There was not a hint of the European standoffishness often encountered in the Alps and everyone wants to chat to you on the lifts.
Through the frame of red-white-and-blue graphics, the celebration of embedding took on a redemptive tone, as if, after decades of obstinate standoffishness, reporters had finally reconciled with their Pentagon elders and shown up for the family reunion.
Mareci anticipated some standoffishness from the Force's management, but she was pleasantly surprised.
His defeats were mostly caused by either the partisan divide between him and the Legislature, which peaked during the five special sessions last year, or his own standoffishness, or a combination of both.
Even his standoffishness towards his fellow Princeton students is imbued with humour and portrayed as somehow loveable eccentricity, sanctioned by their class prejudices.
Despite standoffishness among the local Latino population at the outset, the image of Latter-day Saint soldiers quickly changed.
Also Laura Place across the river symbolizes the Dalrymples' standoffishness, amply implied by the sycophantic attitudes of the Elliots toward them.
is really another crack at a supposed pro-life standoffishness.
For instance, Abba Pambo appears as a taciturn and oracular reader of souls;(23) Abba John the Little, as a hard-working basket weaver who had both a knack for contemplation and an explosive temper;(24) Abba Moses the Black, as a self-deprecating ex-thief famous for his large-heartedness and his fearless martyrdom;(25) Abba Arsenius, as a one-time tutor of emperors who fled luxuries and learning for desert poverty and who maintained a cantankerous standoffishness.
But such standoffishness and western attempts to schmooze these authoritarian leaders only goes to show how important this sun-scorched region has become.
The authors' integrity may have everything to do with the bank's neglect of the book, a standoffishness so marked that it suggests bank management surreptitiously hopes the history will go unread.
It is possible to argue that the IMF anticipated the second crisis and saw standoffishness on its part as a way to precipitate a crisis and force Bulgaria to make tough decisions.