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Here, on this chilled spring morning, which the locals insist, with typically polite standoffishness, is unseasonable?
Since such anecdotes abound among Canadians of a certain age interested in books, Richler's biographers are up against a peculiar challenge: readers have often had a taste of the Richler persona, standoffishness mixed with impatience and embarrassment over the positions a successful writer finds himself in, in the process of shilling his books.
Brinkley finds much fault with Luce: his injection of political opinions into his news magazines, his arrogance and standoffishness, his editorial meddling, his casual attitude toward marital fidelity.
Her standoffishness means that the state which elects every sixth MP and has given the country eight of the 13 prime ministers will not be able to tap the benefits of collective national wisdom.
Again, Labove's standoffishness comes into particular relief against the character of Ichabod Crane, who makes every effort to ingratiate himself with the local populace displaying particular regard for those who have large farms and attractive female relatives.
His standoffishness and chilly intellectualism alienate him from his men and result in both his inability to "read" Claggart and a faulty suspicion of mutiny.
Even greater standoffishness can be found in the societies' stance toward politics.
Of particular interest here is to watch how the young drifter who reeks of transcendental, otherworldly standoffishness effortlessly draws out the anger of the old school police investigator (Park Dongjin).
The boy is bewildered by these new surroundings and by the old man's taciturnity and standoffishness.
I think my professionalism is sometimes misinterpreted as standoffishness," she said.