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PEM broaching fasteners include threaded nuts, threaded or unthreaded standoffs, panel fastener assemblies, threaded studs, and SNAP-TOP[R] standoffs with a spring action to hold boards securely without screws or threaded hardware, and these can be used in boards and in aluminum, acrylic, casting, and polycarbonate components
The sign standoffs are oval in shape with two high polished green acrylic edges which give off the effect of real glass.
Raising the stakes in the campaign finance standoff, Lott also said he would keep from the Senate floor trade legislation avidly sought by President Clinton unless Democrats agree to separate that issue from the campaign finance controversy and to provide a significant number of votes to break an expected filibuster.
The Missoula County Sheriff's Department and Missoula Police Department set up a perimeter and opened negotiations with the subject in an attempt to resolve the standoff peacefully.
With an angle of 30 degrees by 70 degrees, the red HLMP-AD31-UX000 and HLMP-AD30-UX000 (with and without lead standoffs, respectively), and amber HLMP-AL30-TW000 and HLMP-AL31-TW000 (with and without lead standoffs) are generally used for long-distance viewing in applications such as traffic signals.
Patented PEM "Type DSOS" self-clinching threaded standoffs can be installed close to edges in thin metal sheets and offer a reliable method to stack or space components in an assembly.
The fasteners profiled include broaching nuts with permanent threads for board mounting or component attachment, threaded or unthreaded standoffs for stacking or spacing, and flare-mounted standoffs for greater pullout performance.
It profiles all types of PEM self-clinching nuts, studs and standoffs designed for attachment applications in stainless steel assemblies.
is pleased to announce a new product line of Push-Lok (TM) Printed Circuit Board Standoffs that eliminate offline swaging of screw machine standoffs.