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If a party is, for instance, of the opinion that the other party's argumentation is not 'deugdelijk' [sound] because it contains an 'argument' [reason] that has nothing to do with the standpoint it is supposed to support, this party can make this clear by saying 'Dat is totaal irrelevant' [that is completely irrelevant] or 'Dat doet niet ter zake' [that is not to the point], but also by uttering a straightforward 'Waar slaat dat nou weer op?
Jim Beckman: What we find is that with the switched architecture, from a cost standpoint, it allows us to put a lot more storage behind a controller and, obviously, drive down the overall cost of the storage solution.
In this essay, I argue that feminist standpoint theory together with critical rhetorical analysis offers an approach for mapping epistemology in a manner that acknowledges the role of language in the development of experiences.
The article places these claims alternatively in either the philosophical standpoint of the radical skeptic or in the standpoint of everyday and scientific beliefs.
Like Black Feminist Thought, Fighting Words promotes untiringly standpoint theory/praxis as a strategy for fighting the discourse and institutions which exclude and erase black women's contributions to African American culture, feminism, and post-modernism.
It comes as no surprise that CTIA, wireless phone manufacturers and other industry groups believe that shield-device manufacturers are preying on consumers' fear "Not only are shields or guards unnecessary from a health standpoint, they may be damaging from a technical standpoint because they interfere with the signal from the phone," says Sandier "Shields disturb transmission to the base antenna, which may cause a phone to actually boost its power in order to keep the phone call connected to the network.
AR: From a First Amendment standpoint, is there anything about this case that differentiates it from previous public flaps over "outrageous art"?
We have good drugs, and we have demonstrated that we can manage the major breakthrough - and that we know how to take stresses from a business standpoint.
The goal is to alter the UNs proposal from being pro-immigration to anti-immigration, he said, emphasising: The UN agreement will only be acceptable to Hungary if its standpoint prevails, meaning if the 12 points are included in the text of the current proposal.
From an efficiency standpoint, it means we are not losing product to contamination.
From a brand/image standpoint, the DIAM really worked; from a quality standpoint it really worked, and from a cost standpoint it worked.
EARLY in THE SECOND-PERSON STANDPOINT, Stephen Darwall articulates a thesis that he takes P.