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It has been a hard fight, for we were, and are to this day, considered the worst plantation in the Solomons from the standpoint of labour.
We may take as one of the best and most typical representatives of this school the Austrian psychologist Brentano, whose "Psychology from the Empirical Standpoint,"* though published in
To be fearlessly outspoken in her opinions came easily to her, since she judged solely from the standpoint of her social position.
His views and beliefs had nothing in them to shock or startle her, since she judged them from the standpoint of her lofty position.
Understanding how Strawson could reach this conclusion in spite of his critique of the optimist requires recognizing that he distinguishes between two standpoints or perspectives from which we can view the world.
Even the explanation of president Ivanov that a reasonable compromise is a reasonable compromise seems reasonable if compared with the uncoordinated standpoints regarding the name which were presented by the Government over the last ten days, says Ivana Kostovska from Nova Makedonija.
They assess that drawing near the standpoints of both entities can still bring to question the Euro-Atlantic integration processes.
What else would you expect, given that the artist David Hockney sits on Standpoints advisory board?
A press release from URI says the requirements to achieve the combined registrations "assure the company's customers that their materials are being managed responsibly from fiscal and environmental standpoints.
Knowing about the range of standpoints a professional can assume in conservation is one way to enhance effectiveness.
By giving the proper emphasis to both radical skepticism and naturalism as two independent standpoints in Hume, the author wishes to propose a more satisfactory account of some of the more puzzling Humean claims on causation.
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