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M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2018-Aligera Holding and the bondholder committee agree on an extended standstill period
NARL and Jurong Shipyard had signed a standstill deal in December 2015, and have extended the agreement to July 2018.
This standstill ensures continuity of care for Four Seasons' residents and enhances operational stability for employees and all stakeholders," the companies said in a statement.
The three-vehicle collision involving one HGV and two cars brought traffic to a standstill yesterday afternoon by the closure of the northbound carriageway near Burdon.
WASHINGTON -- The United States said on Thursday it was concerned over the ongoing Middle East crisis which was at a standstill, nearly two months after it was erupted when several Gulf States announced to severe diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorist groups.
She added, "We believe now that the dispute is at a standstill.
QUARANTINE Units (QUs) are set to be introduced late next spring to give livestock farmers an alternative to the six-day standstill rule.
By placing them in the unit for a minimum of six days, the farmer would be able to move animals off the remainder of the holding, providing an alternative to the whole farm six-day standstill.
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Khan said he fully understood the anguish of the MQM workers at this difficult time but he asserted that it was absolutely unjustified for the MQM to bring Karachi to a standstill and disrupt the lives of the people of this metropolis and financial centre of the country, when it is the British authorities who have taken legal action against a British citizen on charges of money laundering.
Summary: Hundreds of drivers were stranded in their vehicles on Monday in freezing conditions after snow bought traffic to a standstill.