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STAPLE, intern. law. The right of staple as exercised by a people upon foreign merchants, is defined to be, that they may not allow them to set their merchandises and wares to sale but in a certain place.
     2. This practice is not in use in the United States. 1 Chit. Com. Law, 103; 4 Inst. 238; Malone, Lex Mere. 237; Bac. Ab. Execution, B 1. Vide Statute Staple.

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Neither wind nor sun, however, favoured Staple Inn one December afternoon towards six o'clock, when it was filled with fog, and candles shed murky and blurred rays through the windows of all its then-occupied sets of chambers; notably from a set of chambers in a corner house in the little inner quadrangle, presenting in black and white over its ugly portal the mysterious inscription:
And I am besides totally unacquainted with the habits of birds, except the birds of Staple Inn, who seek their nests on ledges, and in gutter- pipes and chimneypots, not constructed for them by the beneficent hand of Nature.
The staple is one of the most frequently used fasteners for joining structural members in upholstered furniture.
In the spinning sector, deliveries of long staple spindles fell again in 2005, but the rate of decline was limited to single digits following three years of double digit decreases during 2002-04.
The cutting-edge design provides consistent performance for stapling two to 20 sheets of paper, and the QuickLoad[TM] staple magazine release system simplifies staple loading.
GORE SEAMGUARD(R) Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement configured for open surgical staplers is composed of a copolymer glycolide (PGA) and trimethylene carbonate (TMC) microporous structure with an extensive history of safety in sutures, surgical meshes and implantable devices.
Today, Staples crowned the "SpindleRack" winner of its Invention Quest search for the next great office product.
14, including bike stunt dirt, aggressive in-line and skateboard, all of which will be at Staples Center.
The IBM SP supercomputer and DB2 Universal Database give us a solid, scalable foundation on which to build a sophisticated business tool to manage information across all Staples' channels," said David Barclay, Staples vice president of information systems.
As Staples expands globally, India represents a great opportunity for the company," said Ron Sargent, Staples chairman and chief executive officer.
It felt like the whole city of Los Angeles was in there with us,'' said Daljit Singh, 18, of Valley Village as he left Staples Center.
Time is a critical resource for companies of all sizes, but it's of even greater importance to small business managers, who possess a larger stake in their company's success and often lack the support infrastructure of bigger businesses," said John Giusti, vice president of Staples Business Delivery, a division of Staples that delivers to small businesses.