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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

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That's why some reporters are impatient, in turn, and wish that the hoity-toity anchors recall their own days and years as beat reporters and stringers, a long time before they achieved star anchor status.
The bittersweet part is the people,'' said Jeff Daniels, who portrays the star anchor of a cable-news network struggling with more than ratings.
Comedian Ali and star anchor Suma kept the audience occupied with their humour-lace compering.
I would presume that everything has to be considered as the business moves forward, as television redefines itself and as the market redefines itself," said Shelby, a star anchor himself whose contract is up in 2010, to MinnPost.
Speculation about the impact of his affair with Mirthala Salinas on his political future has been revived with the recent announcement that Telemundo had reassigned its former star anchor to an Inland Empire reporting gig.