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In a nutshell: Wilson's spare staging and Patricia Racette's moving star turn make the familiar fresh and affecting.
He made his stunning Broadway debut as Billy Bigelow in the original production of "Carousel," and then enjoyed an acclaimed star turn in the original Broadway cast of "The Pajama Game.
In quite possibly the oddest star turn of recent memory, Mark Rylance takes one of Shakespeare's trickiest characters and delivers a performance of such bumbling charisma that his very cast members appear to be taking turns watching to see what he'll do next.
TALLULAH: Kathleen Turner does a star turn impersonating the legendary actress who once boasted of bedding 5,000 lovers, including Garbo, Billie Holliday, and Joan Crawford.
The DJoule African troupe offered a more stylized West African dance, with drummers in elaborate pink-fringed costumes and a notable star turn by three small boys who performed an astoundingly fast dance of flailing arms and legs.
Standard story is enlivened by sweaty Southern atmosphere, a depth of feeling and a star turn by Terrence Howard.
For her part, Isabel gamely goes along with Jack's star turn until she finds out the truth.
The winner will then have to spin the Star Turn wheel to discover what task they must perform when they track down their star.
In a nutshell: Confused epic about an American cavalryman turning Japanese during the end of the samurai era boasts terrific battle sequences, a strong star turn and no common sense whatsoever.
Shear does a star turn that's endearing for its surprising understatedness.
PATIENCE paid off for Mark Flower when Star Turn produced a 33-1 shock in the opening Drakeford Handicap at Newmarket yesterday.
Naturally the arrival of a CD would shift the focus away from Mitchell's bravura star turn onstage and toward Trask's much-ballyhooed songs--and the question of whether the CD would emerge as the score of a musical or as a straight-ahead chunk of rock and roll.