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Paul Callingham, managing director of Starboard Hotels, said: "This is a substantial acquisition for Starboard and an important investment in protecting the future of these hotels and the people who work there.
Concurrently, Ellen Hoffing will resign from the Perrigo's board upon the appointment of the second additional board member recommended by Starboard.
Should talks fail, Starboard previously said it was prepared to submit a slate of directors.
Staples gave a tepid response to Starboard in a statement Tuesday, saying it had already met with the investment firm on several occasions to discuss ideas.
Then the starboard tachometer was removed and replaced.
They said the starboard landing gear appeared down, but the starboard wheel was cocked outboard at about 60 degrees, meaning the leading edge of the tire was pointed 60 degrees relative to the aircraft's longitudinal axis.
We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Starboard," said Hank Newell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wausau Paper.
Starboard will withdraw its notice of nomination of persons for election as directors and vote its shares at the annual meeting for IDT's nominees.
The dramatic starboard profile shows how the Titanic buckled as it plowed nose-first into the seabed, leaving the forward hull buried deep in mud.
Firefighters rushed to Leith harbour after the Queen's former floating palace - now a tourist attraction - started taking on water and tilted four degrees to starboard.
5m) stretch of her starboard side as it returned from routine operations on the south coast.
A ship's green starboard (right) and red port (left) navigation lights are also on display at the museum.