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During Amitji and Shah Rukh's times, the meaning of stardom was different.
To which, SRK replied, "More than stardom I believe he is born for Lovedom
STARDOM is a network-based production control system that consists of the FCN autonomous controller and the VDS or FAST/TOOLS SCADA software.
Stardom in Italian cinema's most prominent generic cycles, including peplum epics, the Spaghetti Western and horror, is then treated, followed by recent stars like Monica Bellucci, Carlo Verdone and Valeria Golino.
O'Toole shot to screen stardom 50 years ago in the title role of Lawrence Of Arabia He also received Oscar nominations for 1964's Becket, 1968's The Lion In Winter, 1969's Goodbye, Mr Chips, 1972's The Ruling Class, 1980's The Stunt Man and 1982's My Favourite Year.
when Harry Star-struck customers were shocked to find the boyband heart-throb - worth an estimated PS15million - had shunned international stardom for a quieter life behind the counter.
Robertson ("The Secret Circle") have been recruited for the chats in Taormina's Greek Theatre to discuss TV stardom vs.
Our second picture shows him at the beginning of his road to stardom when he was with local band Last Exit.
Created to automate and manage gas wells, Yokogawa's WELL PRODUCER consists of a low power STARDOM FCN-RTU with all the necessary control and flow computer functions for gas wells pre-configured.
Female Stardom and Cinema in India, I930s-1950s by Neepa Majumdar.
Summary: Egyptian singer Shireen Abd Al Wahab stated that she dreams of reaching international stardom and she is in every way as good as other Arab singers
Summary: Forget solo pop stardom, Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts has chosen a different way to make her mark, by launching her own make up range.