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Stripped of the high-flown rhetoric in these extravagant passages, however, the Court in Casey was simply repeating the idea, expressed in earlier cases, that stare decisis "contributes to the actual and perceived integrity of the judicial process"(86) and thus promotes rule-of-law values.
The first study was an exploratory study designed to distinguish between aspects of remote staring experiences and beliefs, such as differences in acting as a starer and a staree, and to determine if participants believed that it was possible to detect a remote stare under various conditions.
Part II proceeds by discussing the nature of stare decisis : its central role in creating judge-made law and its costs and justifications, particularly as applied to secret opinions.
Pattinson said he can't wait to take on some fans in the stare down, and added that he expected some fans would give me a run for his money.
Vigilant Stare will provide visible and infrared coverage of city-sized areas, providing real-time motion imagery directly to diversified users involved in domestic support missions.
Given that Argentina was strongly influenced by the United States with regard to its own constitutional law, one should not be distracted by the absence of a specific clause on stare decisis in the written constitution.
Every day I get stared down, especially in that grand corridor that connects the library and the business food court, but I endure the stares and walk past them like I'm walking past empty benches.
Fish stare, stare of the all-knowing, stare of retribution--or was that
compelled to stare at a screen from which he would stare at himself
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Summary: With three movies to promote at the London Film Festival, George Clooney has held a press conference for The Men Who Stare At Goats.
Stare, if you dare, into the world of research on hypnosis and the brain.