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He would not go away, but stared at us sarcastically.
The men stared with blank and yokel- like eyes at him.
But he, who for the first time was becoming conscious of himself, was in no condition to judge, and he burned with shame as he stared at the vision of his infamy.
The child stared at the handkerchief--stared at Alban--took courage--and rubbed vigorously at her eyes.
They came up and stood in a row, staring at him, and he stared back while the queer sounds came from him as before:
He opened one door after another; and, in the saloon, in the captain's state-room and everywhere, he stared anxiously as if expecting to see on the bulkheads, on the deck, in the air, something unusual--sign, mark, emanation, shadow--he hardly knew what--some subtle change wrought by the passage of a girl.
Then he held it up against the faint light, and, as he did so, lightning stared at them for an instant so white that the paper looked black against it.
Fancy his surprise when he noticed that these eyes moved and then stared fixedly at him.
He was a tall man, strongly made and very black; and he stared before him on the table like one stupid.
One moment porters ran up to her proffering their services, then young men, clacking their heels on the planks of the platform and talking loudly, stared at her; people meeting her dodged past on the wrong side.
He stared fixedly past the motionless head of Hollis, who faced him, as still as himself.
During these absences Mrs Verloc, becoming acutely aware of the vacant place at her right hand, missed her mother very much, and stared stonily; while Stevie, from the same reason, kept on shuffling his feet, as though the floor under the table were uncomfortably hot.