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She had shrunk all up with her rheumatism since Jurgis had seen her last, and her yellow parchment face stared up at him from a little above the level of the doorknob.
He looked first for Ona; then, not seeing her, he stared at the women, expecting them to speak.
At the sound of his wife's voice he stopped and stared at her with a somnambulistic, expressionless gaze so long that Mrs Verloc moved her limbs slightly under the bed-clothes.
He spoke with the brain-shaking authority of an orator, and Flambeau and Joan Stacey stared at him in amazed admiration.
All the rest stared at him, but he remained sitting in the same old dejected attitude, with a wrinkle in his round forehead and an appearance of impersonal shame and sorrow; his voice was colourless and sad.
He would not go away, but stared at us sarcastically.
I stared at her weather-beaten side heeling steeply towards me; and then she passed out of my range of view.
I stared at him, and I must say that he returned my stare without winking for quite a considerable time.
He stared at me so queerly that I hardly know how to define his aspect.
"I cannot believe how many adults stared at my child as if she looks like something out of the ordinary.
She couldn't help but stare at him And he just stared right back.