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Smith," William Byrd the Virginian connected James Blair's Virginia "oglers" with the English "starers" and "peepers" of the Spectator.
So far the strategy seems to be working in the three locations where Starer Bros.
The book features numerous types of people who aggravate you on your daily commute - such as The Beggar, The Broadsheet, The Death Breath, The Nutter, and The Starer. The authors have designed the book to allow the reader to spot the commuters, and then record their own annoyance rating under each reference.
By late 1953, Doerfer occupied the seat when the commission decided a multiple-ownership case involving Starer Broadcasting.(3) While the outcome of the Starer opinion did not hinge on Doerfer's vote, the new commissioner's interaction with Starer led to a major conflict-of-interest scandal at the FCC, requiring Doerfer's resignation in 1960.
Our 4 year old starer Lauren was born with many special needs.
Studies of sub-basin stream water quality (Bachman and Phillips 1996; Starer et al.
"You do the majority of work in the extruder itself, and thereby have more options and widen that operating window," says Michael Starer, business manager for food extrusion, Werner & Pfleiderer Corp., Ramsey, N.J.
The portable grill features a vented base that functions as both an ash catcher and a charcoal starer. It is constructed of porcelain-on-steel, a rust and heat resistant material.
1979; Earl Kim, Jacket Notes, Kim and Starer: Violin Concertos, with Itzhak Perlman, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa, conducting.
Urethral catheterization and restraint use are nursing home practices closely associated with adverse resident outcomes (Libow and Starer 1989).
As the CEO of two geographically dispersed companies that do business together, Bob Starer has a lot of long-distance balls to juggle.