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1996) tested this hypothesis in three studies, one of which tested the hypothesis that increasing levels of occlusion (barriers between the starer and staree) would reduce the frequency of the experience of remote staring detection due to the belief that the emitted signal would become attenuated.
vulgar starers [or] gaping idlers," (21) and yet who might have more than a bit of trouble being "properly introduced" to, or have their names known by, the Duke of Devonshire or the Marquis of Westminster.
Sheldrake (1994) discusses the detection of staring and he gives details of his own research with starees sitting with their backs to starers.
Willingness to be suckered by a world of lurkers and starers who fear gaze and ridicule above imprisonment without law.
Within a year the number of peepers, gropers, followers, and starers dropped measurably.
The tone set by Free Starers, tea partiers and their elected Speaker O'Brien reportedly led many voters to vote for a straight ticket of Democratic candidates for the
Our author utilizes the distinction between starers = "career monk" and the generic inok, invariably used for those who chose to be tonsured just as death approached.
First there are the starers, who've clocked you but are too cool to let you know.
The awards honor an individual, municipality or organization exemplifying the strength and character of the Old Man, which overlooked Franconia Notch for centuries and was well loved by Granite Starers.
Smiling and nodding at the starers as he saunters towards his seat, Leonardo is a picture of couldn't-care-less dressed down chic.
Williams provided excellent sensory isolation of her starers and starees by stationing them in separate, closed rooms 60 ft apart.
The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and New Hampshire Public Radio are calling for nominations for the 2011 Next Gen Civic Leadership Award, which honors Granite Starers between the ages of 25 and 40 who demonstrate a commitment to strengthening their community, civic participation, and developing personal leadership capacity to make New Hampshire a better place for future generations.