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His level stare deflected gradually downwards, left my face, and rested at last on the ground at his feet.
I stared at him, and I must say that he returned my stare without winking for quite a considerable time.
It came with this precious prophet, or whatever he calls himself, who taught her to stare at the hot sun with the naked eye.
In the kitchen are all the mod cons bought by Mrs Gelataio, a blue lino floor, some enduring plastic fruit in a bowl, and a photograph of herself, smiling like steel, which now stares down at Gwyn.
The second place winner, a Taiwanese student named Kuo Han-cheng, said that when he takes a break he often stares blankly into space.
As the sphinx that is the sun stares, nods, riddles.
Every day I get stared down, especially in that grand corridor that connects the library and the business food court, but I endure the stares and walk past them like I'm walking past empty benches.
In an interview with LDP Business, Mike Stares, director of the building's owner, Rumford Investments, said he was hopeful it would be fully let by the end of this year.
These modest guidebooks consist of essays that inform the reader about an individual country's history and culture, and Marker's designs play to the seductiveness of knowledge: The cover of each book is graced by the face of a beautiful woman--occasionally photographed by Marker himself--who often stares directly at the reader and the photographer from the country she knows best of all.
I stare at it And it stares back, That gargoyle on the church, I wait for it To blink or speak, That Gargoyle on the church.
A closed-circuit television system feeds a live image of the participant to a monitor in the experimenter's room and, at randomly determined times, the experimenter either stares at this image with the intention of physiologically arousing the participant ('stare' trials) or looks away from the monitor and disengages his/her intention ('no-stare' trials).