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Importantly, it also supports the work of the tourism industry, which has been at the forefront in trying to keep crown-of-thorns starfish numbers low on reefs, particularly at prime tourism sites.
We are proud to have Starfish Creative on our team of providers, ensuring that class participants are getting the highest level of skill training to help advance their careers.
For more information, please visit the Starfish website at www.
Outbreaks around tourist sites in Australia are currently controlled using a poison injection delivered by a diver to each starfish.
The idea is that a treatment based on starfish slime could effectively coat our blood vessels in the same way the goo covers the marine creature, and prevent this problem.
He added: 'It's unusual for us to have something stolen but for seven starfish to be taken is just bizarre.
We dated the bits of starfish themselves," he says, "so even if the sediment is totally churned up, you still have bits of starfish going back 8,000 years, showing that these starfish have always been there.
Media Contact: Nicola Atherstone, The Starfish Greathearts Foundation USA, 917-536-6153, usainfo@starfishcharity.
The researchers observed that healthy animals became ill more rapidly when caged with a sick starfish than when caged alone.
As an innovative LA Event Planner, Starfish Creative Events plans intimate corporate parties to large scale VIP red carpet events.
A Starfish company spokesperson stated, “The new site is a significant part of our overall development strategy alongside our drive for product innovation & sales expansion.
29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Starfish Technologies will be releasing the world's first truly interactive, iPhone and Android compatible smartwatch at Macworld.