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The Sender Questionnaire was completed by the sender immediately after the completion of the stare and no-stare trials and asked them to rate the degree to which they felt focused during the sending period and the degree to which they felt the session would demonstrate a remote staring effect on two scales that ranged from 0 (very low) to 100 (very high).
He stood there a moment longer, staring at the card and thinking about the money in his pocket, counting it out and weighing the importance of it in his mind.
That's what the people are staring at and wondering about in the first reading.
Chris glanced beyond at Marcus, who stood staring at the dirt at his feet.
After this, Bonilla stared less often and for only seconds at a time (though, Birschtein claimed, his staring was now more angry than lustful), and no longer stopped his forklift near her workstation.
It's an obsession, a perversion, an assault." He denies the charges and explains that the "staring eye" is actually made of glass.
ONE eclipse-watcher from Rugby may have suffered long-term eye damage after staring at the sun without proper protection on Wednesday.
I could get my shoes shined without passersby staring at me the way I imagine I'd stare at a talking rock.
Assuming that remote staring detection is producing brain activity as the information is processed, does this processing follow similar systems to those that have already been identified in cognitive neuroscience; for example, the processing of faces and/or the gaze of others?
STARING at busty women can lengthen your life, scientists have proved.
So Cage decided to join in - and he and Lewis then spent hours staring at each other in his bedroom.
The soldiers harness this extra-sensory perception and telepathy by staring for hours at goats, hanging bags of sand on parts of their anatomy that shouldn't see the light of day in public, and telling themselves they can pass through solid objects.