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In 1962, Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall tasked Starker Leopold with addressing the issue of wildlife population control in national parks.
Some suggested that in Apple's next mobile operating system, Ive is pushing a more "flat design" that is starker and simpler, according to developers who have spoken to Apple employees but didn't have further details.
This is much starker in presentation than the original show and was plagued by sound problems as well as uncooperative curtains on opening night.
Consumer computer prices provide an even starker example.
The next section covered the full range of "Anthropometries," including a large and fussy vertical Untitled of 1960 (number 101 in Paul Wember's 1969 catalogue), replete with negative imprints of tree leaves between positive blue and gold imprints of female bodies; an even larger and starker Untitled of the same year (number 106), in which eight distinct imprints of female nudes are disposed in a friezelike fashion, as in some of Matisse's later paper cutouts; and The Grand Blue Anthropometry, also from 1960, in which the furious traces left by Klein's "living brushes" amount to unidentifiable tachist blobs.
Christ has undone what Adam did, and the choice for humanity could not be starker.
To many, Zeuna Starker GmbH of Augsburg meant very little indeed.
A cellist, he studied with Janos Starker and was a member of the Vaghy String Quartet from 1969-1981.
It may likewise be utilized to work on or reflect upon emotional problems or issues by example, to learn problem solution techniques, for personal development, for self or other understanding and empathy development, to see another's perceptions or worldview, to promote respect and acceptance, to ponder universal problems, for realizing one's behavioral patterns, to learn new skills, to think critically, to learn to make decisions, or to detect bias (Adams & Pitre, 2000; Bernstein, 1989; Ford, Tyson, Howard, & Harris, 2000; Jackson, 2001; Katz & Watt, 1992; Kramer, 1999: Pardeck & Pardeck, 1998; Quackenbush, 1991; Smith & Burkhalter, 1987; Starker, 1988).
As Wireless Watch Japan video producer Lawrence Cosh-Ishii wryly pointed out, the contrast between this DoCoMo extravaganza and J-Phone's December 2002 3G launch couldn't have been starker.