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Starker Leopold's original report contained the often-maligned idea that national parks were intended to re-create a "primitive vignette of America.
Her passion for music and her respect for Starker are clearly displayed here.
One such is the RAVE (Rapid Vibration Evaluation) program, initially developed by Zeuna Starker, which reduces the modeling time needed for concept evaluation from four weeks to one day.
Many have sanctioned bibliotherapy (Atwater & Smith, 1982; Ellis, 1993; Santrock, Minnett, & Campbell, 1994; Smith & Burkhalter, 1987; Starker, 1988) as an effective tool in the therapeutic process whether as an adjunct to therapy or as self-help.
Using the new knuckle-joint press, Zeuna Starker has increased output by 20-25% and extended tooling life by 40 -- 50%, reports the company.
The original Starker exchange earned its name from the court ruling that validated it, Starker v.
It will be starker on a grey day, or in the rain, or the fog.
The use of deferred like-kind exchanges--especially those involving real estate--grew dramatically after the Ninth Circuit's decision in Starker v.
Increase in working capital, due in part to consolidation of the Zeuna Starker acquisition with its higher working capital base and inventory growth in LVA, was one of the principal drivers of negative cash flow and debt increase.
THE contrast between Labour and the Conservatives could not be starker in the Save Our Steel campaign.
UMBRO'S decision to distance themselves from John Terry could not be in starker contrast to the relationship they enjoyed with their star client in years gone by.
Portas said: "With town centre vacancy rates doubling over the last two years, the need to take action to save our high streets has never been starker.