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His role, which some critics have described as James Dean-like, starkly contrasts that of his famous television persona.
This disconnect between the scientific community and the popular media is starkly laid out in a study published in the February issue of Nature Reviews Neuroscience by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.
BIG Brother is back - and set to divide people more starkly than ever.
Keren Yedaya's starkly photographed first feature is as much a social statement as a character study - Yedaya already donated her Camera d'Or prize money (won last year at Cannes for best first film) toward establishing a halfway house for women looking to leave prostitution - giving the movie an inevitability that is sometimes as inexplicable as it is disheartening.
The grave persona who confronts us in his passage from life--a lion, fearless and fiercely creative--contrasts starkly with the grinning prankster who hams it up in the art of the '80s and early '90s.
A starkly literary novel, gripping, ferocious and real.
The tragedy of Steve Thoburn lies not only in his sad death but in his failure, now starkly underlined, to persuade this pusillanimous nation against our subjugation by Europe, in spite of the great sympathy and supposed support his courageous stance generated.
Welch pointed out in 1961, the JBS motto starkly contradicts the collectivist Conspiracy's vision of "total government, an absence of all personal responsibility, and a completely amoral world.
In addition, Downtown's net absorption remains starkly improved.
Significantly, what this chapter starkly reveals is that many if not most beguines after the mid-thirteenth century were poor, many of them teetering on the edge of poverty, if not destitution.
Located on the edge of Leon's historic core, the monastery overlooks a plaza landscaped in starkly contemporary fashion that forms a place for sitting, strolling and the evening posseggiata.
An example of Wheeldon's burgeoning maturity--and his willingness to experiment--is his starkly fascinating triptych of dances to Ligeti's atonal music: Morphoses and Polyphonia for New York City Ballet and Continuum for San Francisco Ballet.