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TEHRAN: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for unity in the Middle East Monday, a conciliatory message that contrasted starkly with another senior figure who accused Saudi Arabia of "heresy and deception.
According to the guidebook, the "starkly designed, unapologetically modernist restaurant" is not to be missed, offering one of the city's best cheese plates, and a menu "that relies heavily on dishes built in layers, like succulent lobster tail nestled between tender brioche and a crusted poached egg." Smart locals, Fodor's noticed, arrive early for a drink in the stylish lounge.
The Next Wave Festival brings the starkly beautiful Borrowed Light by Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen, featuring eight superb dancers alongside the traditional vocal ensemble The Boston Camerata, to BAM Nov.
CONCENTRATIONS of manure and fertiliser nitrogen run-off into watercourses in Wales and other livestock-focused areas of Britain and Ireland have been made starkly clear in a new European Union's Joint Research Centre atlas on nutrient pollution.
But his freshest sonic excursion, Young Widows, unleashes his most original and starkly honest opuses to date.
With their starkly monochrome palettes and vertiginous stairs, the soaring interiors recall the perplexing, illogical fantasies of M.
In creating STK, the New York-based design studio Icrave took their greatest inspiration from the world of theater, specifically, from the starkly lit set designs of Robert Wilson.
The issue of fairness more starkly presents itself when you are dealing with faith-based schools as opposed to others."
"We've got to do it ourselves." This assessment was presented starkly, unadorned by the cinematic emotional cues with which filmgoers are wearily familiar--the dramatic pauses, swelling soundtrack, artfully directed reaction shots, and so forth.
But mostly the kinship is a matter of the naked honesty in Jack White's voice and in those starkly swinging arrangements.
Nordstrom's art is a collection of drowsy fairy tales for adults, which, by the way, starkly play the foil to his five children's books about Sailor and Pekka, an old seaman and his dog, published between 1992 and 2003.
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg characterizes it starkly as "an attack on people with disabilities, as well as people with chronic conditions and other vulnerable Canadians who are already devalued by many members of society.