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The direction of the short spray of material that's connected to the starlike point is aligned with the stream of X-rays beaming from the AGN, as seen by the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
A normalized locally biholomorphic mapping f [member of] H([OMEGA]) is said to be an almost starlike mapping of complex order [lambda] if
Mostafa, "A study on starlike and convex properties for hypergeometric functions," Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol.
Then f(z) is starlike of order [rho] (0 [less than or equal to] [rho] < 1) in [absolute value of z] < [r.sub.2],
Let f and 'p be analytic and starlike of order 1/2 in E.
Likewise for the analytic case, we also consider the classes of meromorphically convex ( abbreviated as concave) and meromorphically starlike univalent functions in [SIGMA](p) which we denote by Co(p) and [SIGMA]*(p, [w.sub.0]) respectively.
Janani, Meromorphic parabolic starlike functions associated with q-hypergeometric series, ISRN Mathematical Analysis, 2014 (2014), Article ID 923607, 9 pp.
Keywords: Strongly starlike functions, strongly convex functions, Ruscheweyh derivative, Second Hankel determinant.
In a 10-inch scope at 170x, the galaxy is fairly bright with a large core enfolding a starlike nucleus.
Brannan and Taha [5] introduced certain subclasses of the biunivalent function class [summation] similar to the familiar subclasses of univalent functions consisting of strongly starlike, starlike, and convex functions.
Supramaniam, "Coefficient estimates for bi-univalent Ma-Minda starlike and convex functions," Applied Mathematics Letters, vol.
Ali [2] found sharp bounds on the first four coefficients and sharp estimate for the Fekete-Szego functional [absolute value of ([[gamma].sub.3] - t[[gamma].sup.2.sub.2])], where t is real, for the inverse function of f defined as [f.sup.-1](w) = w + [[summation].sup.[infinity].sub.n = 2][[gamma].sub.n][w.sup.n] to the class of strongly starlike functions of order [alpha](0 < [alpha] [less than or equal to] 1) denoted by [??]([alpha]).