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The youngsters in the latter have helped establish a value system that emphasises the ethics of the team rather than the egos of its starrier players.
YOU don't get much more starrier than The Supremes.
To that end, Alexander -- who notched seven Emmy nominees for playing George Costanza on "Seinfeld" -- is looking to bring in starrier casts both for the musicals themselves and for benefit readings.
It has a bigger budget and a starrier cast, including Brits like Juliet Stevenson and Daniel Craig in a pre-Bond role.
THE garden shed-like jockeys' room has played host to starrier names than these, however.
But with a completely different (and sometimes surprisingly better) cast and a bracing new conductor, it not only literally revived the production but gave it a vibrant life it hadn't enjoyed on its starrier first time around.
Structure-wise, this could easily bethe extended pilot episode of a TV show (albeit with bigger effects and a starrier cast).
The rather grandly titled Stuart Dyble has apparently flown the nest of Ford and headed for starrier climes.
If there had been a fixture next Saturday before the August 14 squad announcement deadline, Gareth Jenkins might have had the luxury of fielding a less experimental side to face Ashton's starrier selection.
One way Harlin and his writers, Duncan Kennedy and Donna and Wayne Powers, keep things tense is by not following the usual expendable casting formula, in which the least-known (or least-paid) actors get killed before the starrier ones.
But the show went on, and Feeder emerged from the shadows of tragedy, and of their starrier contemporaries Manics and Stereophonics, to claim their rightful reputation as a force to be reckoned with.