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Of the two performances of Pas de Quatre, the American version, featuring Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye, and Mia Slavenska, is starrier, but the all-Cuban rendering is more integrated.
The result was that the violent films continued to be shown to the masses while, for the better-off the films had to be yet bigger-budget, starrier, plushier, more romantic, more song-and-dance than ever.
But although the inevitable remake will have starrier names, it's hard to imagine a better double act than Tautou and Le Bihan.
Starkey also discovered starrier figures in the Cambridge galaxy such as Denis Brogan, Moses Finley, Jack Plumb.
And with her career in a holding pattern after her 2012 album, Warrior , starrier vocalists snapped up Kesha's contributions and ran - Lady Gaga with the freak-flag felicity, Katy Perry with the affirmative uplift, Miley Cyrus with the rap-curious hedonism.
THE 68TH ANNUAL CANNES FILM FESTIVAL looks to be one of the starrier editions in recent memory, given that the competition will feature Todd Haynes' "Carol," a 1950s lesbian love story with Cate Blanchett; Gus Van Sant's "The Sea of Trees," a suicide-themed drama toplining Matthew McConaughey; Denis Villeneuve's "Sicario," a Mexican drug thriller led by Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro; and Justin Kurzel's "Macbeth," featuring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard as Shakespeare's bloody power couple.
The Met introduced its very own high-concept production this past season in Michael Mayer's mercilessly touted "Las Vegas Rigoletto." I first saw it in February, with its starrier cast (Damrau, Piotr Beczala, Zeljko Lucic), and then returned in April to an entirely new lineup of principals.
Perfecting the "pyramid scheme" he first deployed to leverage successively starrier RSVPs as master of ceremonies at the late Jason Rhoades's dinner party-cum-living artwork, Black Pussy Soiree Cabaret Macrame, here Israel corralled a colorful Tinseltown lineup, from whom he coaxed a mesmerizing series of portraits, his fortune-cookie-brisk questions delivered with--equal debts owed to Andy and Sigmund--less-than-zero affect.
Lord Lloyd Webber now moves to the shinier, more commercial environs of ITV1, with a rather starrier line-up of fellow judges.
This film has loftier ambitions and a starrier cast, eliciting strong performances from Murphy, Weaver and De Niro, who savour barn-storming monologues that reveal another piece of the convoluted conundrum.
And this year looks like a being a proper Simon & Garfunkeler, that is to say the sound of silence is going to be very popular across all the nation's living rooms, boasting a line-up starrier than the view from Sir Patrick Moore's attic bedroom window.