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There was more starriness at the Jones- Douglas wedding, where Ross found himself standing at the bar next to Jack Nicholson, Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe.
There's only one hint of starriness in their list of musthaves - a pounds 115 Bissell vacuum cleaner designed solely to take care of pet hair, which comes with the famous "Shedaway Pet Grooming Tool".
Outstanding in this long programme was Paul Patterson's Phoenix Concerto for oboe and strings - immediately approachable, eminently programmable, and cultivating collaboration of ensemble instead of soloistic starriness, although Emily Pailthorpe, dedicatee and soloist in this premiere, gave a brilliant account of her line.
One place where "Harry" outflanks "Rings" is in the starriness of its cast, but the film is nonetheless capably served.
Her dad John, who works in Atlanta, said: "There is no starriness about Leo.