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Start Something Social is a project held in conjunction with UnLtd, an organisation which encourages young people to use their entrepreneurial skills to come up with business ideas which would benefit the community, referred to as "social enterprise".
On the last meeting of Leadership Southern Maryland's class of 2012, the group gathered to talk about what they would like to do if they could start something inspiring.
Allison Smith, a 24-year-old journalism major at George Washington University, says she decided to start something besides planking and posted some pictures in the owl position on Facebook with the caption "Owling?
But we showed all it takes to start something is a bit of belief.
The program is designed to help those who have already had success in starting a business and are looking to start something new, or first-time entrepreneurs looking for space outside the home to work.
By that afternoon, the two had hatched a plan to pick up the pieces and start something of their own.
We wanted to start something that people could do together without the influence of drugs or alcohol," Valencia Smith-Heim said.
Do they think it's okay to start something off and then just drop it whenever they feel like it instead of seeing it though?
Whether it was brand new material or favourites like Last Summer, Rooftops and Start Something, the band thrashed to perfection.
It is a case of once you start something like this, the possibilities are endless.
John said: "Peter and I hope to start something up again.