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The examples are too numerous to mention here, but let us start the ball rolling to project the safety of the food we produce.
Her first point of call is with her ward councillors - they can start the ball rolling immediately to rectify this problem if she gets in touch with them.
It's the weakest of all the Star Wars plots, really little more than an excuse to introduce us to Anakin and start the ball rolling. And then there's Jar Jar Binks...
Monmore start the ball rolling on Saturday with races scheduled over 416m, 480m, 480m pups and 684m.
I'll start the ball rolling with Beautiful Sundae, Tutti Frutti, Flake, Rattle & Roll and The Scoop Scoop Song.
And one of the first things he will do is start the ball rolling again to try and tempt Celtic to part with 22-year-old McGeady.
I watched it slowly grow and six months before I turned 18 I could really start the ball rolling. I knew I couldn't get the funding until I was 18, and on the day of my birthday I secured it all.