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BERKELEY - When Ryan Hollins was moved into the starting lineup this week, he admitted it was difficult and sometimes frustrating coming off the bench after spending the second part of last season starting.
Children should get regular dental checkups starting at age 3 or when all 20 baby teeth have come in.
that outlines the first steps in starting up a PR program on your own.
Driving the Spears Manufacturing Chevrolet, Starr converted that starting spot into his first truck victory two weeks ago at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Despite the formidable challenge Lake Elsinore presents, the JetHawks figure to be a tough opponent because of their starting pitching.
the leader in opt-in email marketing, has been selected to manage the 230,000-name opt-in email list of the popular Starting Point Internet navigation site, boosting NetCreations' PostMaster Direct Response database to over 500,000 unique addresses, President Rosalind Resnick announced today.
PASADENA - Galaxy goalkeeper Kevin Hartman never felt he did anything to lose his starting job - not once, but twice over the last two years.
However, Evans wants either a starting pitcher or an established closer or setup man in the deal for Daal, and added he wasn't eager to make a move because the Dodgers lacked starting-pitching depth in the minor leagues.
Each test vehicle was tested at cold and hot starting using untreated and treated reference fuel.